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Why sell tech services?

Better customer experience

Be the one-stop-shop your customers want. By selling services, you position your business as the authority in the tech space.

Increase Basket Size

Go beyond warranties – start increasing basket size with useful services like 24/7 tech support, data recovery, and more.

Decrease Returns

New technology can be complex, and customers don't always know where to turn. By providing 24/7 tech support, your merchandise stays sold.

Benefits of using True

Selling tech services has never been easier, faster, and cheaper. It doesn't take millions to get up and running.

Turnkey solution

Our tech services are totally productized and self-contained. Setup takes weeks, not months.

Just add SKUs and starting selling!

Safe and secure

Cutting-edge technology keeps you and your customers safe. True uses transparent diagnosis and repair practices.

We're so confident in our people and processes that you're legally indemnified.

Private label options

While True is gaining incredible traction, every step of the process is ready to be private labeled.

Promote your existing brand or start a whole new business. We'll handle the rest.

Worry-free entitlement tracking

Our robust proprietary platform is ready to track entitlements from day one. We manage customer data and make it all available to you.

Our simple and intuitive online experience leaves your customers feeling confident and in-control.

How we serve your customers

We make it easy (and profitable) to serve your customers’ every tech need. We cover the entire customer lifecycle so you can focus on your forte.

Setup & Installation

Support & Maintenance

Trade-in & Recycling

Diagnosis & Repair

Our team provides set up and installation services for all kinds of products, from routers to tablets to computers. We offer setups remotely and at home, so your customers always get what they need.

Plus, you get to pick and choose which services you want to offer. What could be better than that?

When customers need help, they want it fast. True is available 24/7 for software and hardware support.

Each member of our 24/7 call center is located right here in the US. Both English- and Spanish-speaking support is available to support more of your customers.

We make it easy for customers to recycle their old phones, tablets, computers, and TVs at no extra cost. We'll ensure it's disposed of responsibly and recycled whenever possible.

We can provide valuation on trade-in gear as well.

True remote technicians can diagnose 100s of software issues in minutes. More often than not, repairing software issues will resolve customer problems without a visit.

For hardware damage, we repair damaged hard drives, burnt out power supplies, cracked LCD screens and all kinds of mechanical damage to customer equipment.

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